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Finding Inspiration in Every Plant

Please check back soon as we develop the Resources page for events and education relating to botany, horticulture, therapy in the SouthEastern US! For more info, check out the Eileen C. Hart Botanical Garden Fundraiser page on GoFundMe.

Tropical Leaves

Eileen's Story

Eileen Crocker Hart was a cherished wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, grandmother and an accomplished master-gardener in Hillsborough County, Florida for over 40 years. Her unexpected passing in June of 2021, left her life's work , (her 2-acre tropical garden), without its loving caretaker. Eileen began developing her landscape in 1975 from a bare, sandy, lake-front plot to a rich, layered, jungle garden with thousands of tropical plants. There are now more than 1000 particular species, varieties and cultivars to enjoy.


We are reaching out to all those who knew her and who benefitted from her incredible botanical knowledge, wisdom and friendship. We're asking for contributions of financial support until we can transition her life's work into a dedicated botanical garden with a self-supporting system and a mission of educating the public. With your help, we can keep providing the educational, fun, wildlife-filled, florally-rich, magical experiences Eileen sought to share with everyone she knew!

Eileen's Legacy

Eileen logged thousands of hours as a master-gardener volunteer, traveling all over Florida (AND the southeastern US!) teaching classes on plant identification, propagation, and pathology. As a graduate of the first class of Hillsborough County Master Gardeners in 1981, Eileen freely gave thousands of plants, cuttings, grafts and air-layers from her own garden, and delighted in her students' new found joy for plants! She contributed to and was highly active in multiple plant societies and organizations for decades because she had a passion for learning and teaching others. Help us keep the passion going!


If you or your organization has benefitted from her active philosophy of sharing plants and botanical knowledge, please consider giving back to save her gardens!



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